Meet Florida Girl Cannabiz

Welcome Cannabis enthusiasts.
Our quality products contain responsibly sourced natural ingredients. And made in the good old USA!     

My name is Julie Curts, a Florida native who's passion for the benefits of the Cannabis plant has taken me to explore all it's aspects from growing to infusing.


I have been so fortunate to learn from some of the best growers & educators in Colorado, then bring my knowledge back here where I am teaching others how to use the power of Cannabis.  

A few years ago, my husband, & partner, Billy came to me with a intense  pain in his knee. So with a little bit of research on the good old web, & a trip to Miss Mango's Herb Appeal for appropriate companion herbs, I created an effective CBD balm to help sooth his pain. Not surprisingly it really helped.
We decided to take a leap and market what is now called..........wait for it...... Billy Balm.

Friends & family began using Billy Balm for their body pains; now it has become popular on the Space Coast of Florida.